空间情绪设计 回归人文本真 S.E.D. Spatial Emotion Design: return to purity



”Space has to connect with human. The essence of design is to create a more reasonable style of living for mankind.” As Gao implied, the ultimate purpose of design lies in the elegance of architectural space and the comfort of users.



The concept of “S.E.D. Spatial Emotion Design” echoes to the motif of WELL™. WELL™ promotes a campaign to improve public mental health by revolutionizing architecture and space. Through architecture, they provide an integrated model to improve health and mental welfare, which elevates users’ comfort, working efficiency, and emotion. Air, water, nutrition, light, health, comfort, and spirit are considered the seven architectural features that influence health.



Through research and practice, Gao redefines emotional borders between space design and human, introducing S.E.D. Spatial Emotion Design to the domestic architecture design industry. S.E.D. Spatial Emotion Design aims to return space function to users. Through designing and molding of the space, one may dwell within in perfect physical and mental states. To return to pure purity, one has to take the sensational experience of users into consideration. The architecture also has to become a place of elegance. Ultimately, space design can help business owners in creating more added value.

一,于国际前沿接轨 In line with the international frontier




Green building projects have been a hot topic in the global architectural design community in recent years. Among the many green certification standards, the LEED standard introduced in 2003 is the leading energy and environmental design building rating system established by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Designed to effectively reduce negative impacts on the environment and households, emphasizing the sustainability of a building throughout its life cycle.

The WELL Healthy Building StandardTM (WELLTM), launched in 2014, is promoting a global campaign to transform people's physical and mental health through the transformation of architecture and space. WELL provides an important set of health standards for buildings, interior spaces and communities, combining best practices in design and construction with evidence-based medicine and scientific research to provide a comprehensive model for improving health and well-being. The user's comfort level, work efficiency and psychological mood are improved. Among them, "air, water, nutrition, light, fitness, comfort and spirit" are regarded as the seven attributes of the building that affect people's health. Currently, the WELL Health Building StandardTM (WELLTM) has been adopted as a new standard in the workplace in the United States.

The built environment has a profound impact on our health, well-being and productivity. When people are surrounded by indoor space, psychological factors such as thinking, feelings and behavior are also influenced by indoor space. The environment gives people a variety of physiological stimuli and combined effects, and these stimuli are transformed into emotions in the brain, which play a psychological and spiritual role. In Beijing in 2013, the concept of “space emotion design” was creatively proposed and improved by Gao Zhiqiang, which coincided with the internationally leading WELL Health Building StandardTM (WELLTM).

 二,理论缘由 The theoretical reason

任何空间如果脱离了人,它就没有存在的价值和意义。“空间情绪设计”的理念脱胎于2013年深圳“百度国际大厦”设计的竞标中,由高志强领衔的中国建筑设计集团筑邦设计院力挫金斯勒,B + H等世界顶级设计机构,一举中标,并开创性地提出“空间情绪设计”理念。



If any space is separated from people, it has no value and meaning. The concept of "space emotion design" was born out of the bidding for the design of Shenzhen Baidu International Building in 2013. The Chinese architectural design group Zhubang Design Institute led by Gao Zhiqiang defeated Gensler, B+H and other world-class design institutions, winning the bid and creating Sexually put forward the concept of "space emotion design".

From Baidu International Building to the Tongren Hall and Kangyang Experience Center to the Bao Laite Technology Group, Gao Zhiqiang redefines the spatial design and human emotional boundaries, and introduces “space emotion design” into the domestic architectural design industry.

 三,理論價值 The theoretical value





The original problem of Baidu International Building in Shenzhen:

1. Most of Shenzhen's population comes from all over the country, and many people lack a sense of belonging to Shenzhen.

2, the city is fast-paced, work intensity and life pressure, employees are easy to be in anxiety.

This is also the epitome of the entire Chinese living conditions, so Gao Zhiqiang wants to create a comfortable and comfortable working environment for Baidu employees, to ensure efficient work, and to pay attention to their physical and mental health.









(1) Improve the social efficiency of people: In a day, people's emotional curves are fluctuating. How to keep people happy and efficient throughout the day in the workplace?

● Space form, employees step into the Baidu Building, Gao Zhiqiang hopes that the space can make people feel the calm and peaceful atmosphere, and to some extent relieve the anxiety caused by employees on the commuter road. The first floor of the hall is white and cool gray. The interior space is often rounded and curved, and the light is used to guide the line of sight, reducing the use of direct light sources, making the space more soft and calm. The elevator's hoistway is completely exposed, making the elevator car feel like a space-time capsule. In the words of Li Yanhong: "The design of the elevator is very technical and futuristic, much like the feeling of time and space shuttle."

● The elevator hall is a crowded space. The top surface of the perforated gypsum board can absorb a lot of noise. The colored floor guide of the atomized glass wall allows visitors to see the floor distribution at a glance. The atmosphere light of the elevator door opening can change the color. Weaken the irritability of people waiting for the elevator.

● Office space, knocking off the table and forming a face-to-face open work space. Incorporating natural elements such as sunlight, air, water and plants into the design, gray carpet, white space, meteor-like ceiling lighting, yellow nebula-like local processing, and the flowing bookshelf make the overall space very simple and interesting. At the same time, the specially designed glass curtain wall can block ultraviolet rays and isolate outdoor noise. The interior simulates the sound field and uses carpets and ceilings to absorb indoor noise to create a quiet office environment.

● Lighting, the design team conducted a sunlit analysis of the office building, and the indoor illuminance was scientifically and rigorously measured. The sensor automatically adjusted the illuminance of the curtains and the indoor lights according to the angle of sunlight and the intensity of the ultraviolet light, so that the desktop always maintained the illuminance of about 500 lux, with different scenarios. The lighting is divided into three control modes: daily mode, holiday mode and rest mode. The transition space will adjust the intensity of the illuminance, and the tea break area, rest area, restaurant and other spaces will be illuminated with warmer warm colors, making the space rich in layers.

● Dynamic lines, through the optimization of moving lines, make the departments more closely intersect, shorten the daily walking distance, and improve work efficiency. All through the space, the corners are processed into rounded corners to eliminate tension, the walls are covered with atomized matt glass, easy to clean daily, and these walls are reserved for each floor staff's graffiti wall for releasing pressure and display Talent.

● Meeting rooms, which are divided into small, medium and large conference rooms. A small round table for three to six people, suitable for brainstorming, and designed to be more relaxed and humorous. The ceiling light is a circular branch light, and the wall is a freehand ink painting. The ground outside is like yellow leaves, and the seat is gradually showing green vitality. The medium and large conference rooms are decorated in white and grey to create a concentration of attention. Ink and tree lights adjust the artistic atmosphere of the interior.

● The multi-purpose hall is a special-shaped space. The wall extends to the ceiling with some curved lines. It uses four simple light strips to create an abstract future sci-fi space. Whether it is for reporting or performance, it can be very Good sound field effect. The seat partition made with Baidu LOGO makes it more convenient for people to enter and exit, and it is more conducive to fire evacuation.



●健身房,高志强特意开闢出一整层空间作为健身中心,从室内 - 室外 - 室内,形成环形跑道,外围光线最好的地方做了阳光跑道,可以从室内穿梭到室外,人在奔跑的过程中会产生很强的趣味性。同时利用核心筒的周边做了瑜伽室,跳操房等。在这裡运动,能感受到风,感受到蓝天,感受到四季的变化,感受到自己融入自然地怀抱。





(2) Pay attention to people's physical and mental health: pay attention to the health of people's emotional psychology from the aspects of diet nutrition, rest and sleep, and physical health.

● Gymnasium, Gao Zhiqiang deliberately opened up a whole space as a fitness center. From the indoor-outdoor-indoor, a circular runway was formed. The best place in the outer light made a sunny runway, which can be shuttled from indoor to outdoor. The process will be very interesting. At the same time, the center of the core tube is used to make a yoga room, aerobics room, and the like. Exercise here, you can feel the wind, feel the blue sky, feel the changes of the four seasons, and feel your own integration into the natural embrace.

● In the core area of vitality, the “environmental core area” is enclosed by glass in the corner of the office area. A large number of potted plants, wooden floors and different shapes of furniture create a green and ecological garden environment, reading, communicating and emptying. The green hole in the end wall is an interesting design for the staff to feel back to the uterus.

● In the sleeping area, under each step ladder, a rest area is enclosed by a credit with a high shading rate and a high sound insulation rate. Only the illumination of 5 lux is set, the high-velvet carpet is placed, and a smart lounge chair is placed. When you need a break, you can book a reclining chair to sleep in advance. Each chair has a vibrating alert function that wakes up the employee without disturbing others. It not only makes good use of space, but also maintains the state of employees in a good state.

● The restaurant is strictly selected from natural materials and colors. The large area is green with wooden floors, the walls are painted into the forest, and a large number of sound-absorbing treatments are expected. It is also a very good experience for employees to eat here. At the same time, carefully selected ingredients and scientific nutritional meals provide a guarantee for the health of employees.

● Fragrance, the sense of smell of the staff is also well taken care of by the designer. First, the overall fresh air system is designed to ensure that the indoor air is in a relatively fresh state. Secondly, artificially adding some botanical, if not faint sweet smell, makes the whole space environment feel refreshing and happy.






(3) Enhancing the value of the property: In addition to giving beauty and practical functions, it is very important to inject additional value into the project. When the project changes hands, the design can become the added value of the project, thus enhancing the value of the property.

● Functional layout, more reasonable functional layout makes the space more suitable for use, frees up more space for people, optimizes the walking line, reduces the waste of the space in the transition space, improves the use efficiency of the space, and enriches the storage space. Lifting reduces the workload of taking care of the space.

● Materials and materials, through the use of materials and materials, streamline the types of materials, reduce the cost, easy to replace; use materials with strong texture in the easily damaged parts, use better materials for concealed projects, and greatly extend the service life.

● Modular design is very popular in Japan and Germany. According to the spatial modulus, all materials are processed in the factory according to the drawing size before entering the field. The processing precision is improved, and there is no on-site processing. The on-site installation efficiency is greatly improved, and the waste is eliminated. Garbage removal can save the owner's time, improve the construction period, save materials, and save money.

● Style, choose a simpler modern and classic design style for the owners, and last forever.